Gothic Chic  - Bringing pieces of the past back with a twist
    Here at Gothic Chic, we focus on bringing you classy yet sassy pieces for you to design with. I want people to know, they can have class with or without Gothic style in mind & on any budget.
We have a unique  line of metal napkin rings that we offer with a hardy powdercoating. Your choice of cut, color and quantity  for the day or purchase for a lifetime!

I imagine our napkin ring's  to be used for your personal needs, gifts and maybe even in your wedding! They make great gifts for anyone from a single person  to a family of 100! If you're wanting a unique custom gift for your wedding party and or guests,  think about splurging on something that everyone can use. You can pass the pieces down through the years  to the next generation to enjoy!

We also have a new line of props to use for events and or booths!! We're really excited to bring this kind of service to Redmond and the surrounding towns. More information to come!

 We are now in the Beautiful Historic Redmond Hotel!!!! We're on display along side seven other fabulous vendors and a wonderful photographer (Dee Mountain Photography)at The New Central Oregon Wedding Lounge!!! So exciting to be apart of something new and fabulous for Redmond, Oregon! Check us out at...
 Two top picture's courtesy of Dee Mountain Photography
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