Gothic Chic  - Bringing pieces of the past back with a twist
    Here at Gothic Chic, we focus on bringing you classy yet sassy pieces for you to design with. I want people to know, they can have class with Gothic style in mind. Many design elements to come in the future; However...
At this time, we have a beautiful custom line of napkin rings. Each set is hand cut and designed by hand. The rings aren't only for looks, I make them for something fun for the children to be apart of. Setting the table as a family while preparing to sit down is important and special. While having family time, make it fun with the kids setting the table. You're teaching how to not only set a table, but a certain standard of living for when they're grown. What they do with the lessons is their choice, but they'll never forget the memories. 
Most of the piece's we do are powder coated. This way they are truly protected from rust and most damage. Please visit the site down below and see their colors and textures that you can have your piece's made with.  Then call, or email me and we'll talk about a design to create for you! And before you know it, you'll have a beautiful set and collection of usable art piece's  that you can brag about and say, "it's the only set in the world like this, truly custom made just for me."                          
I imagine our napkin ring's  to be used for your personal needs, gifts and maybe even in your wedding! They make great gifts for anyone from a single individual to a family of 12! If you're wanting a unique custom gift for your wedding party and or guests,  think about splurging on something that everyone can use. You can pass the pieces down through the years  to the next generation to enjoy!

Our pieces are downtown in the wonderful Ceylon Blu wedding and event  design Studio in Bend, Oregon!! Get down there to view our pieces along side Melissa Vandenbroucke's beautiful design's!! Thank you so much Melissa for allowing us to display our piece's in such a fabulous and classy place!!  
550 NW Franklin St. Suite #138 Bend, Oregon
Inside the Franklin Crossing Building
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